Pre-breeding strategies for obtaining new resilient and added value berries

Start date

1 January 2021


48 Months


6.98 Mio €

20 Partners

8 Countries

Key features

  • European transdisciplinary consortium: experts in nature conservation, genetics, genomics, breeding, biotechnology, biochemistry, phytopathology, bioinformatics, statistics and berry production
  • Exploration of large collection of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry varieties, including modern and old varieties
  • Development and application of new genotyping and phenotyping tools and materials for improving berry varieties in different EU cultivation areas

BreedingValue objectives

  • Provide the knowledge and tools to utilize strawberry, raspberry and blueberry GenRes and pre-breeding material for the creation of new breeding possibilities
  • Develop breeding strategies for ensuring resilient berries with high fruit quality across a broad range of geographic and changing climatic conditions in Europe
  • Explore berry germplasm and enlarge the genetic pool to assure genetic diversity and berry industry success across Europe
  • Explore and identify sensorial quality factors and consumer quality preferences for different berry species in different parts of Europe