Pre-breeding strategies for obtaining new resilient and added value berries

Our Vision

BreedingValue will be instrumental in shaping sustainable and competitive berry production across Europe addressing the need for new cultivation systems as well as high-quality produce due to current challenges posed by climate change and environmental preservation.

Our Mission

We aim to develop new breeding strategies for resilient and high-quality berries – strawberries, blueberries and raspberries - while ensuring genetic diversity and responding to consumer quality and sensorial preferences.

Testimonial from the coordinator

“BreedingValue will greatly impact the competitiveness of the European berry production system. This is done, not only, through consolidating the capacities of public and private European institutions for the evaluation and use of genetic resources to develop new cultivars in compliance with the new vision of the European Green Deal, but also through increasing the quality of the fruits in response to the specific requests of the European consumers. To this end, we will develop innovative tools and materials for new resilient berry cultivars suitable for the sustainable cultivation systems that we need for the future and by applying a first comparative study about consumer preferences of berries throughout Europe. This, among others, will give us the necessary insights to show the potential for the development of resilient cultivars with high fruit quality and consumer acceptance.”

Bruno Mezzetti, Project Coordinator

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