BreedingValue presented at the Science Night in Dresden (Germany)

Under the motto "United by Science", Dresden's universities, research institutions, and science-related companies opened their doors on 14th June, 2024 for the 21st Science Night. The event attracted around 30,000 guests, offering exciting lectures, experiments, exhibitions, and guided tours on topics of science, research, innovation, technology, art, and culture.

The BreedingValue partner institution, the Julius Kühn Institute (JKI), Institute for Breeding Research on Fruit Crops exhibited in Dresden-Pillnitz, participated under the supervision of Jasmin Noack, Ute Sonntag, and Lea Broschewitz, thereby also representing the BreedingValue project. Under the title "The diversity of strawberries - From the wild species to the cultivated variety", visitors were given fascinating insights into the history of the origin of the garden strawberry (Fragaria ×ananassa).

Over 20 varieties of garden strawberries were explicitly displayed, showcasing the impressive diversity in shape, color, and taste. Additionally, a large part of the collection was shown, with many varieties available for tasting. The guests enthusiastically tasted the different varieties, including well-known ones like "Elsanta" and "Senga Sengana," as well as unique specimens such as "Georg Soltwedel" and the beloved "Mieze Schindler." The JKI fruit gene bank, a partner of the German Fruit Genebank (GFG), holds over 190 varieties of F. ×ananassa, most of them being part as genetic resources in the BreedingValue Project.

But not only cultivars were presented. In addition to the well-known wild strawberry (F. vesca), visitors were also able to familiarise themselves with and taste lesser-known native wild species such as F. viridis or F. moschata.

The JKI stand attracted significant interest, providing insights into the institute's work and the GFG.

The BreedingValue Project was highlighted as an example of ongoing research into sustainable and competitive berry production in Europe.

The BreedingValue Project at the 21st Dresden Science Night.

Preparations are underway: In the morning, a wide range of varieties were picked from the JKI's collection for later presentation and tasting. These include varieties such as "Mieze Schindler", "Georg Soltwedel", "Aroma" and "Senga Sengana". Picture: Lea Broschewitz (JKI)