Invitation to WORKSHOP "Genomic tools for berry pre-breeding material: from genome to new berry cultivars"

Join the BreedingValue Workshop "Genomic tools for berry pre-breeding material: from genome to new berry cultivars“ taking place from 13th-14th February 2024 in Bordeaux (France).

The BreedingValue project organises the following events. The registration is now closed.

Visit to INVENIO Berry research center

Date: 13th of February 2024, 9:00 – 16:00

Location: INVENIO research center

The visit will include the introduction of the research activities carried out at INVENIO research center on berries, including a visit to the greenhouses and laboratory. A bus connection from Bordeaux to the INVENIO research center will be organized depending on the number of registered people.

Agenda INVENIO visit

Workshop on genomic tools for berry pre-breeding material: from genome to new berry cultivars

Date: 14th of February 2024, 9:00 – 17:00

Location: INRAE research center, Bordeaux, France. The Workshop can be accessible online.

The workshop contents and aims

New genomic tools are fundamental to improve characterization and selection efficiency among berry germplasm by providing new modern genotyping and phenotyping tools for identifying, sharing and disseminating results on factors controlling resilience, stress tolerance, yield stability and fruit quality. Especially the modern genotyping tools applied will bring new information of berry GenRes for improving the efficiency of cultivar breeding and ease pre-breeding activities. High throughput genotyping for strawberry, blueberry and raspberry genotypes are needed to get insights into the genetic structure and identification of markers and gene of interest for speaking the breeding process, including the use of the new breeding techniques (NBTs). The EU project BreedingValue invites to the workshop with the objective to establish a common basis of understanding regarding the application of the different genomic tools now available and their importance in increasing the competitiveness of standard and advanced breeding programs. High-level representatives of the EC (and international experts) will share their views on the genomic tools currently available and applicable to the berries breeding and biotechnology programs.

The Workshop is open to all researchers, technicians and students who are experts in the sector and are interested in deepening their knowledge on these particularly relevant topics to better guide the future of breeding and biotechnological programs for improving the quality and resilience of new varieties of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry. Particularly appreciated will be the participation of representatives of companies interested in the sector.

The Workshop Agenda has been defined and is available for download:

Workshop Agenda

The registration was closed on 29th January 2024:

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