Training on sensory and consumer methods

Final training within BreedingValue’s Open Call #4 organized in Bologna

As part of the Open Call #4 activities, a training on sensory and consumer methods was organised from 27th- 29th February 2024. The training was hosted by the BreedingValue partner Institute for BioEconomy CNR in Bologna (CNR-IBE), Italy. The training was organised as a 3-day event focusing on the analysis methods of panel and consumer test results. All participants involved in BreedingValue’s Open Call #4 participated in the training allowing for a fruitful exchange among all participants.

In the frame of the training event, the Open Call participants presented their sensory and consumer results obtained throughout their involvement in the BreedingValue Open Call#4, followed by a discussion on data management. The training event also included a case study on data analysis and visualization of a blueberry consumer test conducted with CATA (Check-All-That-Apply) method presented by Nico Lippi, IBE-CNR as well as second case study on data analysis and visualization of a blueberry consumer test conducted with Penalty method presented by Massimiliano Magli, IBE-CNR.

During the 2nd training day software and protocols for sensory and consumer data analysis were presented and discussed followed by a presentation on „Detection of volatile aromatic compounds, data analysis and visualization, correlation with sensory perception“ by Giulia Maria Daniele, CNR-IBE. A visit to IBE VOCs analysis Lab took also place. As part of the training, Elisa Senger from the BreedingValue partner institution Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ) on data management and visualization.

This training concludes the activities of the Open Call #4. The objective of this Open Call was to involve European berry breeders and companies willing to develop their skills and knowledge to exploit sensory-quality evaluation of berries (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry) by using professional, coordinated and scientifically sound methodology.