BreedingValue invites to the European Raspberry School and Raspberry Workshop on 23rd - 24th of August 2023

Raspberry lovers! Join us for our European Raspberry School and Raspberry Workshop on the 23rd - 24th of August 2023 at the James Hutton Institute in Dundee, Scotland.

Do you want to know why raspberries are unique? Are you curious to discover markers to identify key traits in raspberry quality, explore software which can help organise and store phenotypic traits or hear more about the mystery contained within the raspberry genome?

Then participate in our Raspberry School on the 23rd of August 2023, an entire day reserved for researchers, technicians, breeders and agronomists on the main scientific topics of raspberry such as: genetics, pre-breeding, cultivation techniques, nutritional and biomedical aspects. These challenges and the question of what scientific evidence is available for developing a more sustainable and robust industry will be addressed during this event! Join us and meet our experts and discover more about the BreedingValue project working with experts across eight European countries.

Moderated by Dr Susan McCallum of the James Hutton Institute, also colleagues from across the UK, Turkey, Finland and Italy will be taking part in the event.

During the second day of the Raspberry School we are very excited to be hosting the Raspberry Workshop on 24th of August 2023 at 10am. We would like to warmly welcome up to 25 experts who are interested in participating in future thinking in the field of raspberry cultivation. The Raspberry Workshop will cover upcoming trends and future visions in raspberry cultivation and will be followed by a sensory tasting event.

Discussions will be led by Dr Terhi Latvala from Natural Resources Institute Finland and hosted by Dr Susan McCallum from the James Hutton Institute. This workshop is open to anyone who is working on raspberry cultivation, marketing, research, or breeding and is interested in thinking about future visions and how to improve their business. We hope you will join us for this exciting workshop. We look forward to learning more about you and your future visions in the workshop. Refreshments and lunch will be available to all participants.

We are sorry that registration is now closed because the events have reached full capacity. If you wish to register for the reserve list, please contact Susan McCallum or Bruno Mezzetti.

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