BreedingValue presented to European horticultural scientific community at EHC 2024

From 12th to 16th May 2024 the Romanian capital Bucharest hosted the 5th European Horticultural Congress (EHC) under the auspices of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS). The EHC is considered as one of the main events in Europe in the exchange of scientific research and knowledge on horticulture innovation. Attended by more than 700 guests, the EHC 2024 scientific program included 10 scientific symposia thereby addressing numerous issues facing horticulture today.

The BreedingValue consortium was widely represented at the EHC 2024 to present and disseminate project acitivities and results. The project coordinator Prof. Bruno Mezzetti chaired the Symposium on ”Berries Between Opportunities and Challenges“ and presented the BreedingValue project as part of his envited lecture. Serving as the symposiums co-chair Prof. Ebru Kafkas of the Çukurova University in Turkey, also partner within the BreedingValue consortium, presented her work on strawberry to the Symposium participants.

The presentation given by Attiq Rehman entitled ”Genetic dissection of horticultural traits in a reconstructed octoploid strawberry population: A Multi-Model GWAS Approach” was awarded for the best oral presentation in Symposia 5 (Berries Between Opportunities and Challenges) by the ISHS Young Minds Award. The work presented by Attiq Rehman relates to the activities of the Natural Resources Institute of Finland (LUKE) within the BreedingValue project.

Further BreedingValue partners, Dr Elisa Senger of the Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ) as well as Dr Monika Höfer of the Julius Kühn-Institute (JKI) also attended the EHC 2024 showing a wide-representation of BreedingValue consortium members at this important event.

Prof. Bruno Mezzetti chairing the symposium ”Berries Between Opportunities and Challenges“.

Prof. Ebru Kafkas at the EHC 2024.

Presentation by Prof. Ebru Kafkas at the EHC 2024.