Open call #4

Results of Open Call #4
The Open Call #4 closed on 31.10.2021. A total of 7 proposals were received and 7 proposals have been selected for funding. We would like to thank all applicants for their interest and look forward to the collaboration with Angus Soft Fruits Ltd. (United Kingdom), Centre de Recherche et d’Innovation Végétale (France), Estonian University of Life Sciences (Estonia), G-Berries S.R.L. (Italy), Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry Institute of Horticulture (Lithuania), Oragro Tarim Ltd Şti (Turkey) and Royal Berries S.L.U. (Spain) ! Further information is available in the public evaluation report on Open Call #4.

Development of methodological tool kits for sensorial quality assessment of berry genetic resources

Sensory methodologies are used to define the commercial potential of pre-breeding material, new cultivars and innovative production techniques by assessing sensory attributes and consumer appreciation. Sensory profiles produced by trained assessor can identify strengths and weaknesses of genotypes’ quality, improving the efficiency of selection phases. Advanced methods applied in consumer tests are useful for identifying preference drivers to foster the selection of pre-commercial material and provide tools for decision-making about cultivar release.

The objective of this Open Call
The objective of this Open Call is to involve European berry breeders and companies willing to develop their skills and knowledge to exploit sensory-quality evaluation of berries (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry) by using professional, coordinated and scientifically sound methodology. This can help in improving and speeding up the breeding project phases closest to market.

The participants in this Open Call will learn how to perform sensory tests for sensory panels (specially trained small groups to describe sensory quality) as well as for consumers tests (large untrained-audience events for fast acceptance testing). Thus, they will be able to obtain practical experience in training a panel for performing sensory tests, to obtain sensory profiles, how to plan and carry out consumer tests to assess hedonic appreciation as well as how to combine and interpret sensory and preference data.

The training will be given to provide competencies for sound evaluation of berry genotypes of strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry. Participants will be encouraged and supported in applying these sensory techniques on the genotypes of most interest to them.

In this Open Call, we have funded 7 projects à 13,600€.