Open call #2

Genomic selection for strawberry (F. ×ananassa)

Results of Open Call #2

The Open Call #2 closed on 30.06.2021.
A total of 2 proposals were received and 2 proposals have been selected for funding.
We would like to thank all applicants for their interest and look forward to the collaboration with Fresh Forward Breeding B.V. and Njøs Fruit and Berry Center!

Further information is available in the Public evaluation report on Open Call #2.

Call description
Genomic selection is used to select breeding material for further hybridization and/or for entering advanced cultivar trials based on their genomic breeding values rather than on phenotypic values. This approach shows better performance than traditional methods such as phenotype-based selection, pedigree-based selection, and marker assisted selection, particularly for polygenically inherited traits.

The objective of this Open Call
The objective of the BreedingValue Open Call #2 is to employ state-of-the-art methodology on breeders’ material and implement genomic selection to the breeders. This can help the breeders to do selection in early stages of their breeding program, accelerating the generation cycles by identifying superior parents, and increasing likelihood of identifying good candidates for advanced trialing.

In the Open Call#2, we have funded 2 projects à 20,000 €.