Instituto Andaluz de Investigacion y Formacion Agraria Pesquera Alimentaria y de la Produccion Ecologica

The Agricultural and Fishery Research and Training Institute (IFAPA) is an autonomous organisation, having its own legal status and assets. It is attached to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (Andalusian Regional Administration) in Spain. Its main objective is to modernise and to improve the competitiveness of Andalusian farming, fishing, and food industries, integrating a network of 15 research and training centres, existing for over 40 years. Through its network distributed throughout Andalusia, the Institute covers one of the largest agricultural areas in Europe. This network of research centres counts with experienced researchers and technicians, as well as an important set of technical resources: germplasm banks (olive, strawberry, legumes etc.), specialized laboratories, Agri-Food facilities, classrooms, residences, libraries with important collections of scientific and technical literature, and more than 1,000 ha of experimental fields, that entirely cover the Andalusian agro-climatic conditions and crops.

Main task in the project

IFAPA participates in work packages 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6. We will contribute with different genotypes from our GenBank; we will conduct field trials to evaluate genotypes for different phenological and quality characters (i.e., Vit. C, antioxidant, postharvest, water productivity, ...) and we will provide fruit samples for different work package activities. We are involved in the development and analysis of novel molecular marker tools for strawberry genotyping. We also collaborate in the sensory panels contacting stakeholders and other actors involved in small fruits breeding, production, and commercialisation. Together with all partners IFAPA will develop and promote dissemination activities.

Edificio Administrativo Bermejales
Avda. de Grecia, s/n
41012 – Sevilla

Main Contacts

José F. Sánchez Sevilla (Team Leader)
José F. Sánchez Sevilla (Team Leader)
Staff Researcher
Iraida Amaya Saavedra (Deputy Team Leader)
Iraida Amaya Saavedra (Deputy Team Leader)
Staff researcher