Fresas Nuevos Materiales S.A.

The company Fresas Nuevos Materiales S.A. (FNM) was created in 1999 with the purpose of breeding varieties better adapted to the needs of the strawberry and raspberry sector.

Over the years, FNM has developed strawberry varieties that have enjoyed a remarkable prominence in the strawberry sector, managing to become one of the leading breeding companies. The great trust that the sector has put in these varieties is evidenced by the 180-200 million plants produced in each of the last few seasons. Currently, ´Rociera, ´Rábida and ´Primoris` are the main varieties and have an important relevance in the sector.

Aware of the fact that we are in a sector that is characterized by constant change, as well as growing diversification, FNM currently has various lines of research open, with the aim of continuing to have a catalogue that responds to the needs of the whole value chain, such as the development of a raspberry variety. The success that the project has reaped so far has led to the start of the process of registering the variety R15.

With an important investment in R&D, FNM is currently positioned as a main player in the varietal berry breeding.

Main task in the project

FNM supports the project by providing its own varieties and new selections available. Also, the company carries out trials and evaluates the characters agreed on in the project. FNM also provides phenotypic data from the plant material itself.

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Main Contacts

Fernando Pistón Pistón
Fernando Pistón Pistón
R&D Manager
Juan Manuel Arenas
Juan Manuel Arenas
FNM Director